A winter's night on Pen Y Fan

Sunday 17 January 2016

Just back from New Zealand, we weren't suffering from jet lag but season lag - suddenly changing from summer to winter. Since the weather in the UK is so changeable, I like to seize the moment to enjoy spells of good weather - and for me, in the winter that means snow and ice! As there was a favourable forecast and because we've got the gear and experience for it, we spent the night camping not far from Pen Y Fan summit, like we did in the autumn. In the end though, it wasn't quite as cold as forecast and the temperature was just above zero on the Sunday morning. Strangely this actually felt colder than if the temperature had been a few degrees lower, as everything was damp not frozen. An enjoyable reintroduction to winter, with all its dreamy shades of white.

01-Pen-Y-Fan-in-winter 02-Pen-Y-Fan-in-winter 03-Pen-Y-Fan-in-winter 04-Pen-Y-Fan-in-winter


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