About Tim

I've always loved the outdoors, for the adventure, tranquility and beauty. Although my family has a long history of photography, my enthusiasm for taking photos came later, starting in 2000 with a simple point and shoot film camera. I wanted to capture trips into the hills, family and friends, my life and the wider world.

Since then, my photography has grown and become an important part of who I am. It's not possible to capture the whole world via photos, but we can preserve fragments of space and time. It's choosing that fragment that is the fascinating part of being a photographer. On this website I share a little of the world as I see it - I hope you enjoy it!

Right now, I am just exploring where my photography might take me. There's my blog which has photos of events and the beautiful countryside near Dursley and Bristol where I've lived for the past several years, as well as trips further afield. There you'll find occasional tips on how I captured some of the photos featured, with details of technique and equipment.

Please contact me if you want to use an image from the website, would like a print, or you'd like to commission me to take photos for you. I would be delighted to help.